Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shooting Forward

(photo by Claire Pepper)
I stumbled across this really cool fauture from interviewing two fashion photographers, Claire Pepper and Chris Gloag on what they think is next for the industry. I loved this so so much because (other than their images) you really don't get to hear what photogaphers have to say about the industry. Enjoy!

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Claire Pepper

What's going to be big in model land?
"I would say messy plaits are going to be big for everyone this summer... a chic way to keep your hair out of the way (but softer than the standard high ponytail) whilst running between shows... or running for the tube for us normal people!"

And big in fashion photography land?
"I have to say moving image and fashion film. It's been coming for a while but I think with the arrival of digital SLRs, that now shoot high definition film is something lots more photographers are seriously considering, myself included. The standard is going up as well and people are beginning to think more laterally about film can be used to represent fashion, rather than just making fashion-themed music videos."

My favourite supermodel?
"Are we talking
Naomi Campbell/Kate Moss type supermodels? Does Lily Cole count as a supermodel? She's a model and I think she's super so I suppose she does!"

Chris Gloag

What 'look' is going to be big this year in Model Land?
Fresh face and natural beauty' never goes out of fashion. The 'look' always varies from each fashion designer and what inspiration their collection is based on. Fashion changes so rapidly from month to month so a look never stays around too long before its evolved into the next big thing.

What's going to be big/hot in fashion photography?
Fashion photography is always a result of a mix of elements such as the fashion designer's collection, the fashion photographer and who the photography is for. Every element has its own style and the outcome depends on a variety of factors.

No two fashion shoots are ever the same. Something new is aimed for in every shoot. It is impossible to predict what will be 'hot or big' as photographers try to be original and not to fully replicate other photographers' work. It can also depend on what music, films or events are happening in 2010, which may influence ideas and fashion shoots.

If I have to predict what we will see more of this year I would say fashion photography is leaning towards digital remastering which places models in imaginary scenes. I predict we will see more of this animated/Photoshop imagery and landscapes.

And who’s your favourite supermodel and why?
Giselle Bündchen as she is gorgeous, athletic, and has a healthy girl next-door appeal.


  1. I love the idea of the 'people behind the images', having their own say. Photographs often act as the photographers words. You're right. They don't get to have a say most of the time, and as this interview shows, they know what they're talking about.

    Beautiful post.

    Thank you ever to much for sharing. I am very glad I read this.

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